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“We love using Zoom for our company all-hands meetings,” shared Leah Knobler, who manages people ops at Help Scout. This one is quite unusual as it markets itself as an ideal app for programming in pairs. You can pair up with a single click, and then both of you will have mouse and keyboard control at the same time. Thereafter, the tool remains discreetly in the background allowing the users to interact using high-fidelity remote control.

Chat services primarily cover the communication aspect of business collaboration. When you work remotely, you can’t pop down the hall and visit a coworker’s cubicle for a last-minute meeting. Finding the right time to connect is crucial for collaboration on a remote team — but it often involves a lot of back-and-forth emailing. Things get even more complicated when your team works across multiple time zones.

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Every employee should be empowered to be able to speak to the right person, wherever they are in the company, to address the same problem. Using online document editing, you don’t need to download your files when editing them online. Once you are done, Wrike automatically auto versions the file when you save it. Get a targeted view into client work by creating an effective cross-departmental system for customer-related projects. Integrate your Salesforce account with Wrike and seamlessly manage your clients’ work.

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Todoist also provides dashboard views to visualize progress on multiple projects simultaneously. Its integrations with Slack and other popular apps allow users to keep their workflow organized and streamlined. Calendly offers a straightforward interface that can run on all internet-enabled devices. It can be used for team schedule management as it can scan the availability of each employee and sync them to find the best time for meetings, seminars, and other team events.


You can record with Loom from your desktop, Chrome browser extension, or mobile app (iOS or Android). The hybrid work paradigm has become the standard in today’s business environment. Therefore, keeping in touch with your remote team requires the best remote collaboration software. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, it’s easy for important documents to be lost in the inbox abyss. About 80% of businesses are using at least one remote collaboration software in their organizational activities. This number will only continue to rise as companies look for innovative ways to communicate and connect with their online work team.

  • Instead of trying to schedule yet another meeting or explain everything in an email, users can create and share a quick video with Loom.
  • Overall, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better design platform that provides a wide range of customizability without any hassle to go along with it.
  • 27 percent reject telework because employees are not available at all times, 17 percent because working hours cannot be controlled.
  • Dropbox Business is the company’s answer to enterprise-grade document management.
  • NTask is yet another project management tool that works well for individuals and small business teams.

Communication is often reported as a challenge by remote employees, but there are easy ways to keep employees connected. We’ve included a few tools in this article, but it all relies on your company’s functions and what you’re attempting to accomplish. However, you’ll need to contemplate a new approach to not simply payroll, but also the employee experience in the case of flexible employment. We recommend that you use tools like Friday, Trello, Slack, and EmailAnalytics.

What are the best online collaboration tools for remote teams?

Collaboration isn’t all about communicating and ensuring that you have as much on-screen time as possible. These are also the reasons that speak against the home office and telework in Germany. The industry association BITKOM surveyed around 1,500 German companies on the subject of digitalization in the world of work.

  • This software streamlines your entire process and enables you to collaborate with your teammates, making it ideal for remote working.
  • It might have been difficult at first, but people are now getting the hang of remote collaboration and the numerous advantages it brings.
  • If you are looking to improve the remote business workflow, the starting point is Google Workspace.
  • It has all of the essential functions, such as tasks and subtasks, as well as the ability to create projects.
  • Using these platforms, you can send messages to your entire team or focus on a specific segment or person via separate channels.

Trello stays in sync across multiple devices and makes work on the go easy with their phone apps. Conceptboard is a secure virtual whiteboard that lets you upload and annotate files, create comprehensive concept and mind maps, and work together with your team in real time. Podio is a web-based collaboration solution to effectively manage workflow and projects. It’s designed to provide teams with a structured outline that supports clarity and focus while minimizing distractions and confusion. When it comes to project management in remote work, feeling disconnected, losing motivation, inadequate feedback, and miscommunication are just some of the challenges. This collaboration software keeps everyone on the same page with channel messaging, where you can instantly share ideas, insights, and files.

Towards that end, it offers a software suite including email, spreadsheets, calendars, word processing, and many more. The tool is straightforward, stable, and secure – features users need to collaborate with their remote staff successfully. Also, the learning management system provides supplementary tools for quizzes and surveys that you can easily add to your training material to increase the engagement level. The reporting feature fetches all the learning statistics on individuals and groups on a dashboard for easy tracking & analysis.

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