AI & Machine Learning

As part of this best AI training, you will master various aspects of artificial neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, logistic regression with a neural network mindset, binary classification, vectorization, Python for scripting Machine Learning applications, and much more.



  1. Basics of Deep Learning techniques
  2. Understanding artificial neural networks
  3. Training a neural network using the training data
  4. Convolutional neural networks and its applications
  5. TensorFlow and Tensor processing units
  6. Supervised and unsupervised learning methods
  7. Machine Learning using Python
  8. Applications of Deep Learning in image recognition, NLP, etc.
  9. Real-world projects in recommender systems, etc.
  • Professionals working in the domains of analytics, Data Science, e-commerce, search engine, etc.
  • Software professionals and new graduates seeking a career change.