This Oracle DBA certification training aims to make you a certified Oracle Database Administrator. This Oracle DBA course is led by industry experts from top companies such as IBM, Amazon, etc. Our course instructors will teach you to operate system blocks, build compression policies, etc.



  1. Core database concepts
  2. Role of a Database Administrator
  3. SQL and PL/SQL concepts
  4. Physical and logical structure of a database
  5. Introduction to table space
  6. Configuring and managing Oracle Network
  7. Database configuration and programming
  8. Installation and harnessing cloud and storage management
  9. Database best practices and scripts
  10. Preparing for Oracle DBA certification
  • Software Developers and IT Professionals
  • Database Analysts and Administrators
  • SQL Programmers and Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Those aspiring for a career in Oracle DBA