This is your chance to make the most of Linux. Whether you recently typed “What is Linux?” into your search history or currently lead teams of IT professionals that have been building on this beloved operating system for years...



This is an in-depth training course that gives you all skills needed for working as a Linux Administrator. You will learn the Red Hat system, installation, managing boot processes, performing various operations, working with the Linux kernel, testing and debugging, and more.
  1. Linux installation and initialization
  2. Linux user administration, services, and utilities
  3. Server configuration, shell scripting, and Kerberos
  4. NFS with RPC letting remote hosts to mount file systems
  5. SMB and SMTP services and virtualization
  6. Advanced networking concepts and security
  7. Database configuration and kick-start installation
  • Software Developers and IT Professionals
  • Linux Developers and Administrators